Riddle Kingdom

Franz Heinfling / Andreas Meinlschmidt

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV released Dec. 2015
riddlekingdom.com (paused)

›› A fantastic and unique fairy tale themed
family and party game for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad

Be King or solve the Riddles.

Riddle Kingdom is a beautifully designed fairy tale themed game for two and more players. You’ll have to solve thirty challenging riddles taking place in three different realms.

Be the Riddle King and know all the answers.
Or guess and try to solve the mystery behind the story.
Meet the king and his princess in their medieval castle,
face the mighty dragon in the enchanted forest
and discover the magical secrets of the dreamy desert.

Local Multiplayer is Awesome!

Sit down together with your family and friends to solve thirty challenging riddles and experience these yet unknown fairy tales.

You can play Riddle Kingdom using an iPhone or iPad, your Apple TV or both devices in combination (recommended).

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Skills: Product Management; Software Engineering; Product Development; User Research; Product Roadmap; Release Management

Type: MVP

Industry & Business: Games; Entertainment

Tools & Tech: Slack; Github; Objective-C; iPad; iPhone; tvOS; Custom bluetooth protocol

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