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iOS / Android release Sept. 2022

MYA is the all-in-one app for medication, from obtaining prescriptions to delivery and intake. Everything free of charge and always at your fingertips. Order prescriptions and medication online without having to visit your doctor and have them delivered conveniently to your home.

With the MYA app, you can use the medication delivery service to have prescription drugs conveniently delivered to your home.


1.) Add medication
2.) Select doctor and insurance
3.) Submit your order
4.) We deliver your medication to your home free of charge.


MYA ensures that you no longer have to sit in crowded waiting rooms for your prescription drugs. With MYA, you can easily order follow-up prescriptions via app without having to go to the doctor. We deliver the medication directly to your address free of charge.


With the MYA app, you can order your medication at any time from home or on the go. This saves you long waiting periods at the doctor’s and the pharmacy or double trips if drugs are not immediately available.


The MYA app is easy to understand even for less experienced users. Clear instructions ensure that the app is easy to use.

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Skills: Product Management; Scrum Product Owner; Stakeholder Management; User Research; Requirements Management; Product Roadmap; Procurement; Release Management; Testplan

Type: Nearshore Development, MVP

Industry & Business: Health, Gematik, ePrescription, eRX

Tools & Tech: Jira, Notion, Miro, Teams, Slack, Gitlab, Expo, React Native, AWS, iOS, Android, Adjust, Smartlook, Firebase

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Franz is one of the best PMs I have worked with. His product management skills were critical to creating our health app from scratch and launching within a tight deadline.

He has a deep knowledge of the technologies, tools, and processes required to build a great app. He handles everything from defining a deployment pipeline and (user) research to feature scoping and performing Scrum rituals.

Franz is extremely reliable. I could always count on him to take care of the great variety of tasks and to deliver on time. Paired with his other strengths motivation and effectiveness it feels like having at least one and a half PMs in the team. Last but not least, Franz is a very pleasant colleague and I am already looking forward to our next project together.

David Schmidt, Apothera GmbH