Teambuilding Workshops & Tools

2018 – 2020

Let’s do it!

The success curve does not always point upwards immediately. This is true for self-employed people, founders and companies alike. All too often, the path is difficult and it feels as if you are stuck in a dead end.

Courcery’s tools and trainings help to break down deadlocked behaviours and develop new ideas. We bring creativity and playfulness to where they are needed most. Thanks to methods such as Divergent Thinking, we strengthen your skills in generating ideas and creative problem solving.

In a simple, clear and entertaining way, you will learn to look at things in a sustainable and creative new way. For more commitment and success in everyday work. No matter whether you are an employee, intra- or entrepreneur.

Create innovation with tools & training.

Our tools, which are quick and easy to work with, turn creativity into your daily routine. Our team workshops, a mix of proven and new methods, ignite the start-up spirit in you.

Next Level Teambuilding
Better than bowling and karaoke.
We combine fun with relevant skills for your everyday work!

Innovators’ Clash Course Features

Strengthen and shape your team.
Tailored to the growth of existing and new teams, we help to improve their collaboration and therefore their performance.

Spark creativity and divergent thinking.
Get inspired to come up with lots of new ideas in no time by rethinking and smartly recombining the past ones.

Combine play, wit and full action.
In several rounds, you simulate the rise of fictitious start-ups as founders who launch crazy products onto the market.

Experience a team workshop event.
We combine the best of a creative workshop and a fun team event in our hybrid, the team workshop event.

Face the challenge together.
Solve multiple tasks while sharpening your communication skills and confidently rising above.

Take advantage of our flexibility.
Adapt Innovators’ Clash Course to your needs. Re-grease the gears of established teams. As a complement to training (Scrum, Agile, Design Thinking), off-sites, etc., we can help.

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Skills: Product Management; Stakeholder Management; User Research; Requirements Management; Product Roadmap; Business Development; Product Development; Product Delivery; Product Discovery

Type: Co-Founded company

Industry & Business: Consulting; Workshops; Trainings; Creativity

Tools & Tech: Notion; WordPress; Miro; Slack; Sketch; Github; iOS

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